Project Gallery

General renovation of the guest house and construction of the new Chapels.
Completed in December 2016.
Client: Comboni Sisters.

Refurbishment and expansion of Commercial Development “Quality Hill”, phase 1.
Completed in February 2017.
Client: Sokoni Africa Ltd.

Construction of eight residential units.
Construction ongoing.
Client: Private.

Construction of the Priests' House.
Completed in October 2014.
Client: Archdiocese of Gulu.

Rehabilitation of the classrooms block, landscaping and wall fence.
Completed in January 2017.

Client: Luigi Giussani Primary School.

Construction of the entrance, landscaping and outdoor altar for the main celebrations.
Completed in October 2016.
Client: Archdiocese of Gulu.

Construction of the Administration Block and Laboratories.
Completed in October 2015.
Client: Luigi Giussani High School.

Construction of the Guests House and Staff Quarter.
Completed in May 2015.
Client: Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital.

Rehabilitation of the Medical Ward, Private Wing, Laboratory, Canteen and construction of the new Chapel.
Completed in December 2014.
Client: St. Daniel Comboni Catholic Hospital, Wau.

Supply and erection of 200,000 litres water tank.
Completed in April 2014.
Client: AVSI Foundation.

Construction of classrooms, dormitory and staff houses.
Completed in February 2015.
Client: Archbishop Flynn SS.

Construction of the staff residence.
Completed in June 2013.
Client: AVSI Foundation.