About Us

Ars Construction (U) Ltd is a Construction Company registered in Uganda since September 2012.
Born from the experience of the Italian sister company, Ars Aedificandi Spa, we wish to bring to Uganda the same expertise, know-how and quality acquired in Italy over the last 25 years.  As General Contractor, through partnerships with well-established professionals and suppliers, our Company is suit for the execution of any kind of construction projects.

Our vision:
To set new standards of quality and customer satisfaction in the construction sector in Uganda and East Africa.

Our mission:
To bring the Italian know-how and expertise in the Ugandan Construction Industry, by introducing new technologies, machineries, high quality materials and skilled manpower.

Our philosophy:
“Once workers weren’t servants. They were working…
A stick for a chair had to be well made. It was understood. It was the first thing. It didn’t have to be well made for the salary or in exchange for the salary. It didn’t have to be well made for the patron or for the experts or for the clients of the patron. It had to be well made for itself, in itself, for itself, in its very being…”
(Charles Peguy, On Money, 1914)